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A passion for the art of hand building

As a child I spent time at my parents fashion factory, learning about creating different patterns and putting designs together.

These early days led to a lifelong obsession of creating patterns through different art forms, eventually leading to my journey into Pottery.

Today I combine forms through the technic of handbuilding and tape resist creating final elements similar to that in creating clothing, following in my parents legacy.


Born and raised in Montreal, Stephanie was initially motivated by fashion having been raised by parents entrenched in the clothing industry on Chabanel street. After her studies at HEC, she returned to her creative roots with stints in toll painting and various arts and crafts projects until settling on her eventual artistic calling of pottery. Inspired by her travels throughout France and Italy, she created Cypress Pottery with a focus on the art of hand building with creative forms, patterns, and colors that reflect the richness and beauty of these scenic landscapes. She focuses on hand building pottery using geometric patterns created by a unique tape resist technic. A keen supporter of her community, she was a board member for West Island mission and today serves as President of the Baie d’Urfe pottery guild, as well as actively promoting local woman artists.


I absolutely love working with Jeff Rotman and his team at GR Pottery in Grand Rapids, MI
Thanks to his quality forms, I can handbuild patterns and put them together like a seamstress creates that perfect dress.


Tape Resist

Allthough extremely time consuming, this technic allows me to add geometric patterns which leaves a distinctive look with the contrast of the remaining unglazed pattern under the surface.

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